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I read an article about two teenagers named Vadim Mahora and Vitali Raskalovym. They are nicknamed ‘crazy Russian teens’. They illegally climb up on famous towers around the world and take pictures from the top. They have taken pictures in China, the USA, Italy, Egypt, and many more places.
I think that this is so cool! It has to be so scary to climb up that high and take a picture with no harnesses holding you down! That is definitely serious dedication. I love the perspective of the pictures. have seen pictures of cities in bird eyes view, but with the pictures that these boys take you can actually see them there. You can see their feet, so you know that it’s the real thing for sure. From the angle of the camera you are put in their place and you can sense the fear and you are able to see what they see from their place.
The link to their page is here


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